Never about me .

I don’t think that this is about me.

It has never been;

in fact, I feel that it’s all about how Mother Nature touches life through this piece of creation I get to call “myself”,

but it is never about me and I don’t want it to be

you see.., the more I seek the less I get to truly understand

the “real sense of the I”,

so, better just melt in the moment and give yourself fully in every “tic-tac” of this limited amount of time we all get to call “life”.

Morning thought of 24th October 2021. .

Every piece of creation matters and is here on this beautiful planet for a reason. What we Humans know about Mother Nature is just a taste but it goes way beyond our thinking.. there is a LOT in every single thing …

Like these interesting tiny worlds we sometimes don’t get to notice. And they are SO important as part of our ecosystems.

“Fungi are important decomposers, especially in forests. Some kinds of fungi, such as mushrooms, look like plants. But fungi do not contain chlorophyll, the pigment that green plants use to make their own food with the energy of sunlight. Instead, fungi get all their nutrients from dead materials that they break down with special enzymes.

The next time you see a forest floor carpeted with dead leaves or a dead bird lying under a bush, take a moment to appreciate decomposers for the way they keep nutrients flowing through an ecosystem” .

All the rights to Natgeonal Geographic. Full article on the following link.

I adore to get atonished by finding unexpected creations on the landscape.

These cute ones were on some cow’s poop on a rainy cloudy walk

These two popped out from on day to another to deardecorate the Garden’s neighborhood

This specie of butterfly comes very often to dance around my garden

“A butterfly’s role—Areas filled with butterflies, moths, and other invertebrates benefit with pollination and natural pest control. Butterflies and moths are also an important part of the food chain, providing food for birds, bats, and other animals”.

Read the full amazing article on the link.

Marley and I get to enjoy the precense of our Garden’s visitors. It is a lovely considence that I am currently embroidering some drawing with a dog and a butterfly on it that similary just looks like this picture I quickly got to capture on a peaceful morning during the summertime

and again, there she is…on an october morning
My love for spiders is deep and I feel blessed to get visited by different kinds of them everyday

Don´t kill them. If they come to visit you , put them in a conteiner and liberate them into the wilderness.

There is also the ant world. There are lots of these wonderful buildings around that I love to call “Empires”.
Amazing creations by such tiny brilliant living beings

You have no idea until you get closer
They start to get active very early, all together, cordinated, doing their team work individually. I love to observe them and I see strengness, ,intelligence and loyalty. but avobe all, this is pure love, the beautiful creation.
let lthe love manifest in every drop
let it enter in evey look …
in everything you touch…

Photos were captured along the months of May and the summer season 2021. Once again around my beautiful neighborhood and the place I get to call Home. It makes me so happy to withness such simple things where I find full joy. Being alive is just amazing! and it’s temporary for everybody, so go somewhere and enjoy yourself and what’s around; whatever the landscape. ! 🙂

The God of the Mangos
Go and put yourself out there in all kinds of roads
No matter if it’s day or night, what’s above or under , you will enjoy what´s in front of you, whatever life throws at you. It’s all your making how you let it enter… so do it beautifully .

And just enjoy the ride of this brief life!

Thanks for being here, have a wonderful day/night 🙂


2 replies to “Never about me .

    1. Louise bonita from the other side of the world!! cómo estás??? Ohh really?? Im’m glad you enjoyed!! :))) Thanks for taking the time to come here! You are welcome anytime please :} . I send you a big big hug bella! Ciaooo!!!

      Me gusta

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